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Working with Talent 4PR


If you are thinking of a change at any stage in your career, be it an agency move or a change in direction within the PR sector, then Talent4PR is the perfect partner.


Whether you are looking for a permanent role or have decided to tread the freelance waters, we will ensure you are only put forward for the right roles for you. We will never put forward your CV to an agency if the fit is not right for you.


We will also provide you with guidance, support and honest feedback to ensure that your CV and portfolio are sending out the right message to prospective employers.


If you are considering a change in agency or perhaps you’re about to finish a freelance contract then register with Talent4PR by completing the form below and uploading your CV. We will then arrange a time to chat with you - either on the phone, face-to-face or via Zoom.

We guarantee utmost honesty

We will never send your CV to a client without speaking with you first.

Genuine guidance and support

We will spend time with you on the phone, face to face, via Zoom - whatever you’d prefer, on preparations to make sure you are applying for the right role and to ensure interview success.

CV advice

We will be able to advise you about your CV and LinkedIn profile to help you find the right role.

You will be in good hands

You will be able to trust Talent4PR to not only find the right role for you, but also to provide honest, detailed feedback throughout our time working with you.

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